Are you MIOSHA-Ready?

MADSIF’s Risk Management Staff has noted an increase in MIOSHA inspection activities at Michigan Dealerships – an uptick that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Some examples of citations and the approximate associated fines are listed below:

  • Annual Lift Inspections         $3500
  • Safety Glasses                         $600 – $1200
  • Electrical Violations               $1200
  • Right to Know                         $1200
  • Fire Safety and Exits              $3500

How can you be prepared for a MIOSHA inspection? Please refer to your most recent MADSIF inspection report and make sure that you have made all the recommended corrections noted in the report. 

Questions about preparing for a MIOSHA visit? Contact your MADSIF Risk Management Specialist today!

Dave Griswack         313-295-2809

Bob Miller                 989-792-0314

Dennis Miller            313-382-3167

MADSIF Office         866-919-9578