Meet The industry’s most competitive Worker’s Compensation Insurance plans and proactive loss control services.

We’re car people. We’re auto dealers, and more than 35 years ago, we formed MADSIF to develop self-insured workers’ compensation plans for auto dealers that worked as hard as we do. Today we offer the industry’s most competitive plans and proactive loss control services. And because we’re working for our own, we’ve made sure that our plans don’t just help you save money, but put some of it back in your pocket.  We make sure that auto dealers don’t just receive a coverage plan, but a loss prevention partner.
MADSIF: Dealers Working for Dealers.SM

Articles & Resources

  • Emergency Eye Wash and Showers

    Several OSHA standards require that an emergency eyewash or eyewash and shower be provided whenever employees are exposed to corrosive materials. Eyewash and Shower Requirements Eyewashes and showers should be in compliance with ANSI Z358.1-2004. Constructio... read more
  • Dealing with Distractions in Safety-critical Operations

    Don't Blink! Dealing with Distractions in Safety-critical Operations The classic example of a distraction leading to a fatal error in a safety-critical situation is the teenage driver who crosses the center line on the road while texting and kills herself or... read more
  • A Working Person’s Guide To Prevent Heat Stress

    Heat stress is an illness that results from too much heat exposure on hot jobs. This illness may include heat exhaustion (headaches, nausea, or dizziness) or heat cramps (cramping in the muscles). If unrecognized and untreated, heat stress can lead to heat s... read more
  • Preventing Slip & Fall Accidents in the Workplace

    Slipping and Sliding Means Accidents and Injuries Unless they're ice skating or skiing, you don't want your employees to be slipping and sliding-especially around your workplace. Weather-related slips and falls become a serious hazard as winter conditions oft... read more