Monthly Archives: February 2013

Loss Control vs. Shopping Carriers: Which Saves You More Money?

Taking the time to understand the drivers behind your workers’ compensation costs and making a long-term commitment to a comprehensive loss control program designed to control those drivers is the best method for reducing your WC premium. Shopping carriers may bring short-term premium reductions, but unless the true issues behind your workers comp costs are… read more

Three steps to prevent chronic pain claims before they happen

Chronic pain is a growing aspect of workers compensation claims – a trend that’s best treated with a healthy dose of prevention. Chronic pain affects as many as 116 million U.S. residents, according to the Institute of Medicine, leading to a staggering $635 billion a year in medical treatment and lost productivity. And while chronic… read more

Aging Workforce? It May Not Affect Your Workers Comp Claims Like You Think.

On average, Michigan workers tend to trend older than other states. But that may not be affecting your workers compensation claims in the ways that you think.  “Overall, the findings can be viewed as reassuring,” a new report from the National Council on Compensation Insurance states, “in that an aging workforce appears to have a… read more