Monthly Archives: March 2013

5 Things You Can Do to Save Big With Early Return-to-Work Programs

Early return-to-work (RTW) programs do improve employee morale and can promote faster healing – but they also save workers’ comp dollars. Early RTW programs reduces medical and indemnity payments. Lower payments have a positive impace on the MOD factor, which reduces future premiums for several years in the future. They also save the cost of… read more

Are You Being Taken? Top Signs of Workers’ Comp Fraud

Even if fraudulent claims are few and far between, they can raise your costs by impacting your MOD factor and premiums. Another impact? They can make it more difficult for legitimate claimants to cllect benefits because of increased anti-fraud measures implemented by insurance companies. The National Insurance Crime Bureau’s list of red flags can help… read more

Avoiding Litigation – What Employers Can Do

At least one goal of workers compensation plans is to provide necessary medical care to workers injured on the job. In many occasions, however, disputes that lead to litigation during the benefit delivery process add complexity and expense – expense that could be avoided by tending to your relationship with your employees, says new research… read more