Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ready for the heat? Prevent heat stress in the summer months

Hard to believe, but we’re just weeks away from higher temperatures. Employees who work in service, parts or body shop departments that aren’t air conditioned or are poorly ventilated can really feel the heat – sometimes 100 degrees F or higher with more than 70 percent humidity. Temperatures that high can result in heat stress,… read more

Must-Haves for A Company Vehicle Policy That Keeps Your Employees (And Business) Safe

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month – and with good reason. Motor vehicle accidents top the list of workers’ compensation deaths on the job. The top cause of car accidents? Driver distraction. There’s an incalculable cost to families, friends and coworkers when someone is lost or seriously injured by distracted driving. There also is… read more

Four Ways Your SmartPhone Could Help You Lower Costs

Whether you sport an iPhone or a Droid, the smartphone you carry with you every day could help you lower your workers’ compensation insurance costs and boost the overall health of your team. Here’s five ways that your smart phone could help your bottom line: Record accident sites soon after they happen: Once an injured… read more