Monthly Archives: September 2013

AMA’s Obesity Reclassification Adds Weight to Workers Comp Insurers Budgets

The American Medical Association’s decision to reclassify obesity as a treatable disease could affect employers, according to a new report. Obesity has historically been dealt with as a co-morbidity issue – or an issue that co-exists but is independent of the reason for treatment.  Medical providers have typically noted only those conditions that they are… read more

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Workplace Drug Risks

Employees returning to work following an injury may find that their treatment regimen contains a risk of its own.  According to the Workers Compensation Research Institute, nearly 80 percent of injured workers receive at least one opioid prescription following an injury. In some states, as many as one in six workers end up using addictive… read more

Taking Safety Seriously Can Save Serious Dollars

If your team is racking up safety violations, chances are they’re also racking up preventable claims that can affect your bottom line. Saving employees from injury, and premium dollars besides, may be as easy as dusting off your safety policy and making regular safety reviews a regular part of your work schedule.  According to a… read more