Monthly Archives: December 2014

News Bite: OSHA Video Covers Upcoming Changes to Reporting Requirements

As we previously reported, OSHA is implementing new reporting requirements that will go into effect on January 1. Today OSHA provides us with a video that highlights the important details you should know to keep your company compliant.

How to Reduce Your Injury Rate in 2015 with Castle Rock Risk Management Services

According to Doug Kalinowski, OSHA’s Director of Cooperative and State Programs, employers can expect to see a return of $6 for every dollar they invest in safety and health programs. With substantial savings like this, it truly validates the idiom “Good safety is good business.”  Direct savings to companies that train their employees on the… read more

Saving on Workers’ Comp Premiums: The Long View Wins the Game

Quick quiz: What’s the best method to shave costs related to workers’ compensation? Hop to a new carrier? Or, digging in to a comprehensive loss control program? For some, the end of the year brings an array of low-premium workers compensation offers that promise big up-front savings. But here’s what they’re not telling you: Real… read more