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MADSIF – A Risk Management Tool Designed to Prevent Claims and Reduce Your Premiums

Focusing on Loss Control is the Best Way to Save WC Premium Dollars! Taking the time to understand the drivers behind your workers’ compensation costs and making a long-term commitment to a comprehensive loss control program designed to control those drivers is the best method for reducing your WC premium. Shopping carriers may bring short-term… read more

Slips and Falls

Don’t Be a ‘Fall Guy’ Falls hurt—and worse: They can disable or kill. Falling injuries occur in every industry, but they can be prevented or reduced in severity by the worker who is alert. Remember, falls will cost not only your employer, but you and your family. They can cost you pain, time spent at… read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Lifting

Is lifting part of your job routine? If so, then every day you risk injury from strains, sprains, hernias, cuts, and bruises. All it takes is one wrong move to injure yourself. Thousands of on-the-job injuries are related to improper body movement in lifting procedures. You can prevent injury by learning proper lifting techniques. A… read more