Monthly Archives: September 2018

Eye and Face Protection Checklist

Employers Must Assess workplace to identify hazards to eyes and face. Provide sanitary, reliable, undamaged eye and face PPE that protects against identified hazards and meets ANSI standards. Inform employees about available PPE and ensure that each individual is fitted properly. Train employees to know: When to use eye and face protection. What PPE to… read more

Aerial Personnel Devices

Vehicle-mounted Personnel Devices have Three Main Hazards Obviously, the first is falling from the basket. Second, an overloaded basket can cause the vehicle to tip over. Third, contact with overhead power lines is a deadly hazard. Workers on the ground are in danger of items falling from the basket. Always Know the Load Capacity and… read more

Controlling Ergonomic Hazards

There are many ways to reduce ergonomic risk factors and help fit the workplace to the worker. Solutions can be grouped into three main categories: eliminate the hazard, improve work policies and procedures, and provide personal protective equipment. Often the best solution involves a combination of approaches. Eliminate the Hazard The most effective way to… read more