Monthly Archives: March 2019

Driver Safety

Drive Defensively on the Road to Safety Be prepared to respond quickly and safely to traffic conditions and other drivers. Obey speed laws and traffic signals. Be on the lookout for surprises: pedestrians, bicycles, potholes, other drivers, etc. Pass only on the left after making sure you have plenty of room. Stay at least 3… read more

Fall Protection

Falls and ejections from the platform are leading causes of injury and death on aerial lifts. Always wear a personal fall arrest system or travel restraint system when in the platform or bucket. Attach the lanyard to the boom or platform anchor point, never to an adjacent pole, structure, or equipment. Never use a body… read more

Protective Clothing

To Protect Against… Toxic substances: Wear the impermeable chemical-resistant clothing recommended by the MSDS (often rubberized or neoprene). Corrosives: Wear impermeable chemical-resistant clothing (rubberized or neoprene) that fully covers the body. Highly toxic or corrosive substances (Level A): Wear a fully encapsulated chemical-resistant suit. Fire (flames, sparks, molten metal, etc.): Wear protective clothing made of… read more