Monthly Archives: July 2019

Hiring To Prevent Workers’ Compensation Claims

With workers’ compensation costs on the rise, one of the best ways to control costs is to prevent workplace injuries before they even occur. Such prevention starts at the hiring stage. Although unqualified employees or those who abuse drugs may be more prone to injury than others, employers hesitate to make certain inquiries that would… read more

Heat Stress: Work Smart When Temperatures Soar

Temperatures that are 10 degrees or more above the average high temperature and last for several days are defined as a heat wave. Employees who work in service, parts or body shop departments that are either poorly ventilated or not air conditioned, can experience temperatures over 100 degrees with humidity readings over 70%. Without proper… read more

Max H. Graff Jr. Retires from MADSIF Board

The Board of Trustees is sad to announce that Max H. Graff Jr. is retiring from the MADSIF Board after 28 years of exemplary service. Mr. Graff also served on the Board of Auto Dealer Insurance Company, the captive reinsurance company of MADSIF. Mr. Graff made great contributions to the strategic direction of MADSIF while… read more