3 Resolutions That Are Worth Keeping

We know that you’re well on your way to making good on your New Year resolutions, but we have a few that you may want to add to your list. Below are three simple tips to help you kick-off the New Year with safety and savings in mind.

  1. Commit early to best practices: The New Year can be the clean slate we need to refocus our efforts or introduce new policy tweaks. Last year, we profiled award-winning companies that saved money and time by focusing on simple, but effective strategies to increase safety, reduce claims, and boost productivity. What changed the game for them?
    • Communicating early and often with injured employees.
    • Developing and consistently using return-to-work programs.
    • Reviewing and creating safer work processes to prevent the most common injuries.

    Check out what worked for them here.

  2. Get Advice From the Pros: According to Doug Kalinowski, OSHA’s Director of Cooperative and State Programs, employers can expect to see a return of $6 for every dollar they invest in safety and health programs. With substantial savings like this, “Good safety is good business” is more than just a poster slogan. Another benefit? Improving workplace safety and health boosts morale andincreases productivity. 

    Whether it’s performing an annual safety audit, or a review to make sure you’re MIOSHA-audit ready, a little time spent up front, can save you thousands in claims or fines.

  3. Take OSHA’s New Injury Reporting Requirements Seriously: As of January 1, 2015, OSHA has implemented new reporting rules for any work-related injury of fatality. Employers are now required to report work-related injuries within 24 hours and fatalities within 8 hours. Read more about the updated rules here.