4 Ways to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in the Workplace

Slip and fall accidents perennially rank in the top three causes of workplace injuries and claims. Here are four ways you can prevent them from affecting your workplace and your bottom line:

1. Always wear appropriate footwear

You wouldn’t wear ice skates on a football field, so just like athletes remember to wear appropriate attire, your employees must wear the proper footwear required for the job. MIOSHA compliant workplace shoes should also provide adequate support and have a proper sole. And while it may seem trivial, you must always make sure footwear with laces are tied securely to prevent tripping.

2. Keep workspaces clean and reduce/avoid slippery surfaces

Any slippery surface can create a hazardous environment and cause slip and falls. Avoid using any slippery floor materials or cover any slippery spots. Also, make sure that any spills are quarantined and cleaned as quickly as possible. Notify a supervisor if the spill might leave any lingering slickness.

3. Avoid loose materials in walkways and isle ways

Even simple obstructions can be hazardous in your work environment. Avoid leaving any items in walkways, even if they’re areas where people don’t normally travel. Secure loose items such as cables and cords to prevent tripping.

4. Create a safe workplace by keeping it clean

It is not only up to the employer; responsibility also falls on employees to communicate potential hazards to management so that they can work as a cohesive group to help ensure that the work area is clean and free from possible distractions.  Creating a unified front by assigning cleaning responsibilities to everyone not only builds morale, but also drastically reduces slip and fall accidents.