5 Effective Ways to Combat Driver Distractions & Increase Employee Safety

As construction season comes to an end and the climate begins to change, it is important to remember that car accidents top the list of workers’ compensation fatalities on the job, with distracted driving leading the pack for causes of accidents.  

Accidents in which an employee is seriously injured or killed can be extremely costly not only to the employer but also to the family of the employee. Because of this high cost, it is important for you to have an effective policy to help remind employees of possible distractions as well as protect them and your bottom line.

The top distractions for drivers include: cell phone usage, passengers in the vehicle, drowsiness, food and beverage consumption, and loose items roaming in the vehicle. 

Here are five effective company vehicle policies that will combat driver distractions:

  1. Cell Phone usage:  Ban or limit any cell phone usage in a company vehicle. The mere act of conversation is distracting whether it involves a passenger or phone conversation.
  2. Passengers: Only authorized passengers are to be in a company vehicle.
  3. Drowsiness: Sleep-deprived or visibly fatigued employees should not be allowed to drive a company vehicle.
  4. Food or beverage in the vehicle: Employees should not be authorized to eat or drink while driving company issued vehicles.
  5. Loose items in the vehicle: Employees should be advised that reaching for items in the vehicle can easily distract them from driving. All items should be secured before driving.