At MADSIF, we know we’re working for our own. That’s why a vital part of our mission has always been to use our strong financial foundation and insider’s view of the business to lower insurance costs for all of our members.

We’ve got a dealer’s perspective of the business. That means that we’ve got the knowledge and tools to aggressively manage risk and administrative costs. By putting the focus squarely on helping our members reduce their costs, during the past eight years, we’ve reduced member rates by about 5 percent and paid more than $150 million to members in dividends since our inception.

Financial highlights include:

  • MADSIF currently insures more than half of all Michigan auto dealers, covering more than 18,500 employees.
  • MADSIF maintains a strong balance sheet with a statutory capital and surplus to reserves ratio 21 times higher than that required.

MADSIF-Dividend  2001-2015

Together with our effective claims administration, low overhead costs and loss control services, we make sure that auto dealers don’t just receive a coverage plan, but a loss prevention partner.

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