Are Your Employees Wearing the Proper Slip Resistant Shoes?

Proper footwear on the shop or sales floor typically fall far down the list of concerns in the workplace. But paying attention to what’s on your employee’s feet can actually save you significant dollars.

Slip and fall accidents rack up about $1.8 billion in workers compensation claims a year nationwide, and are the leading cause of death in the workplace. Making sure everyone is wearing the right footwear for the job can be an easy preventive step.

So just what is the right footwear?

Whether it’s a driver, salesperson, tech support, or an employee providing maintenance relief on the body shop floor, it is essential that all of your employees are wearing shoes with slip-resistant soles and leather tops. Not only do they help prevent falls, but they make sure you’re MIOSHA-compliant.

Tennis or gym shoes are common, but aren’t appropriate for the workplace – as is true of any soft-soled shoe.

Employees working in the service and body shop should consider wearing steel toed shoes. Steel toed shoes aren’t required by MIOSHA, but add an extra layer of protection and prevent injury.

With new options, employees don’t need to sacrifice fashion for safety. Companies like SRmax and SureGrip provide a wide selection of boots, dress shoes, oxfords, and sneakers that are both compliant and fashion-forward.

Of course, the right shoe is one aspect of preventing slip and fall accidents. Additional ways to prevent them can be found here and in our recent update.