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Winter Workplace Safety

Winter Workplace Safety Winter in Michigan nearly always means snow, ice and plenty of slick floors and surfaces. With slip and fall accidents nearly topping the top 10 workplace injuries, making sure you’re taking steps for safety can help make the winter months go by without a hitch.  Keep employees from work-related driving on public… read more

3 Resolutions That Are Worth Keeping

We know that you’re well on your way to making good on your New Year resolutions, but we have a few that you may want to add to your list. Below are three simple tips to help you kick-off the New Year with safety and savings in mind. Commit early to best practices: The New… read more

News Bite: OSHA Video Covers Upcoming Changes to Reporting Requirements

As we previously reported, OSHA is implementing new reporting requirements that will go into effect on January 1. Today OSHA provides us with a video that highlights the important details you should know to keep your company compliant.

Saving on Workers’ Comp Premiums: The Long View Wins the Game

Quick quiz: What’s the best method to shave costs related to workers’ compensation? Hop to a new carrier? Or, digging in to a comprehensive loss control program? For some, the end of the year brings an array of low-premium workers compensation offers that promise big up-front savings. But here’s what they’re not telling you: Real… read more

3 Best Practices to Work Your Company like a “Teddy” Winner Organization

Learning from the best has its rewards. Risk and Insurance magazine recently announced their 2014 honorees – companies that used innovation and brass tack know-how to reduce claims, prevent injury and improve their bottom line – and there’s plenty to learn from their successes. The biggest lesson? Programs and efforts that can help make your… read more

Consider This Before Sending Employees to Work at Your House

Those spring cleanup items or home fixes you may have an employee do during downtimes at the store could leave you vulnerable to employer liability risks and workers’ comp claims in the event of an injury. According to the ‘Special Errand Exception’, an employer may be held liable for injuries due to a negligent act… read more

7 Steps for Getting Injured Employees Back On the Job

It can happen in a second. An employee lifts a box of supplies the wrong way and now he or she is out of work for several months. While we do our best to ensure employees are working in a safe environment, accidents happen. What happens after that accident, however, may determine just how expensive… read more

MIOSHA Announces 5 Year Safety Plan

Michigan’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) announced a five-year strategic plan that emphasizes a double-digit reduction in injury and illness rates, and outreach activities through 2018. The statewide plan comes on the heels of the federal agency’s budget expansion and plans for stricter enforcement. Mounting anecdotal evidence supports an uptick in MIOSHA inspections. But… read more

Are you MIOSHA-Ready?

MADSIF’s Risk Management Staff has noted an increase in MIOSHA inspection activities at Michigan Dealerships – an uptick that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Some examples of citations and the approximate associated fines are listed below: Annual Lift Inspections         $3500 Safety Glasses                    … read more

Keeping Employees Healthy and Productive This Winter

Polar vortex or no, the deepest weeks of a brutal winter can leave anyone feeling lethargic. And that’s not even including the colds and flus afflicting nearly everyone you know. A little preventive work around the winter blahs can save some serious green come Spring. Workplace absences cost employers more than $40 billion a year… read more