Driver Safety

Drive Defensively on the Road to Safety

cone driverBe prepared to respond quickly and safely to traffic conditions and other drivers.

  • Obey speed laws and traffic signals.
  • Be on the lookout for surprises: pedestrians, bicycles, potholes, other drivers, etc.
  • Pass only on the left after making sure you have plenty of room.
  • Stay at least 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front.
  • For night driving, increase your following distance.
  • Continually check your rearview and side mirrors.
  • Pull off the road if you’re sleepy or need to check a map, make a phone call, etc.
  • Turn on your lights when it starts to get dark.
  • Take extra precautions in heavy traffic and around road construction.
  • Maintain your vehicle, including tires, fluid levels, etc.
  • Carry emergency repair and signaling equipment.

Don’t Do These Things

  • Drink and drive
  • Do drugs and drive
  • Overload your vehicle

Reprinted with permission of Safety National