Fall Protection

Falls and ejections from the platform are leading causes of injury and death on aerial lifts.

  • Always wear a personal fall arrest system or travel restraint system when in the platform or bucket.
  • Attach the lanyard to the boom or platform anchor point, never to an adjacent pole, structure, or equipment.
  • Never use a body belt as part of personal fall protection on an aerial lift—the concentrated impact of the belt will damage internal organs during fall arrest.
  • Inspect the personal fall protection equipment before use for tears, cracks, excessive wear, or any defects, and replace any defective components before use.
  • Inspect the platform for any cracks in weld points, broken or defective guardrails, and slippery substances on the floor.
  • Check the anchor points on the boom and platform for any defects or worn parts as part of the equipment inspection before each work shift.
  • Never set a ladder, box, or any other device inside the platform to gain additional height.
  • Never move the vehicle when the platform is elevated or boom extended with someone in the platform.

Reprinted with permission of Safety National