Four Ways Your SmartPhone Could Help You Lower Costs

Whether you sport an iPhone or a Droid, the smartphone you carry with you every day could help you lower your workers’ compensation insurance costs and boost the overall health of your team. Here’s five ways that your smart phone could help your bottom line:

  • Record accident sites soon after they happen: Once an injured worker is receiving appropriate care and the dust has settled on site, snapping a few pictures or video of the scene to accurately record where the accident took place provides helpful, factual information for your insurance provider and for others who may become involved in the claims process down the road.
  • Present training information on proposed temp or modified work assignments: Video or multimedia tutorials quickly and clearly present how to perform tasks and tamp down potential anxiety employees may have about performing potentially unfamiliar tasks.
  • A health and wellness advisor in your pocket: Mobile apps such as Hot Seat and Digifit  can help you challenge and motivate your team to set health and wellness goals and stick to them over time. Need to stretch more to help prevent chronic back pain? Or strength train to prevent injuries while lifting? There’s an app for that. And with social features, employees can opt to get cheered on by their co-workers as they reach their goals and establish new ones.
  • Monitor temperatures to protect against heat stress: A quick download of OSHA’s new heat safety app, and you can calculate the heat index for your worksite. Depending on the heat index reading, the app displays  risk levels to workers and reminders about protective measures you might take to prevent heat-related illnesses. You can find the app here.