Good Accident Investigation Practices

Prevent Future Accidents!

A Good Accident Investigation:

  1. Takes place immediately after the accident
  2. Determines the facts—what happened
  3. Determines the causes—why it happened
  4. Recommends corrections and changes to prevent future accidents.

Here’s How You Can Help Accident Investigations:

  • Report all accidents regardless of whether anyone was injured or how minor injuries were. All accidents, not just those that result in serious injuries, need to be investigated thoroughly.
  • Report all near-misses. A near-miss that goes unreported could easily be an accident next time.
  • Help preserve the scene of an accident so that clues to the cause can be found. Don’t disturb or move anything unless, of course, you need to do so to help an accident victim.
  • Remember what you saw, heard, or experienced if you witnessed an accident or were involved in one. Write down the facts as soon after an accident as possible.
  • Cooperate in an accident investigation in any way you can. For example, even if you didn’t witness the event, you might still have special knowledge of a situation or procedure involved in an accident that could be helpful to the investigation.