How to Reduce Your Injury Rate in 2015 with Castle Rock Risk Management Services

According to Doug Kalinowski, OSHA’s Director of Cooperative and State Programs, employers can expect to see a return of $6 for every dollar they invest in safety and health programs. With substantial savings like this, it truly validates the idiom “Good safety is good business.” 

Direct savings to companies that train their employees on the best practices that keep them safe in the work place include: lower workers’ compensation costs, reduced medical expenditures, and less spending on return-to-work programs. Improved safety and health strategy that is built around prevention can also result in increased productivity, improved labor relations, and better use of human resources.

Castle Rock Management Solutions (CRMS) has been contracted by MADSIF for loss control engineering services since 1994. CRMS is proactive in dealing with workplace injuries that involve lacerations, personal protective equipment, and injuries to the eyes and back.

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CRMS’s provides free of charge the following items to our members:

  • A copy of the MADSIF Safety Administration Manual
  • A copy of the MADSIF Training Manual
  • A Right-to-Know Video with Quiz
  • A Safety Video on Eye, Back and Laceration Injury Prevention
  • A Personal Protective Equipment Video
  • Free Subscription ot an online SDS Database

CRMS’s services include the following: 

  • One annual comprehensive safety survey of the dealership including a list of recommended hazard corrections (Safety Survey Checklist attached)
  • A follow-up visit to check on corrections if necessary
  • Emergency response to dealerships for serious hazard correction or claim investigation
  • Emergency response to MIOSHA inspections
  • MIOSHA fine mitigation services
  • Dealership safety training as required