Keeping Temporary Workers Safe in the Workplace

Companies have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to protect temporary workers in the last year. In most cases, the fines may have been preventable had a few guidelines been followed.

Three steps you can take today include:

  • The Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s considers the safety of a temporary worker the joint responsibility of the employer and the staffing agency. Ensuring that there are open lines of communication between your office and that of the staffing agency can help to make sure that everyone is on the same page with worker safety.
  • Temp workers are just that – temp. But providing them with a tour and a review of your safety policies may help alert them to potential hazards ahead of time and prevent accidents. Reviewing safety policies with existing employees before onboarding temporary workers may help ensure that your dealership is ready to handle workers new to the system as well.
  • You work hard to ensure that your employees stay safe, but none of it is visible unless you’ve got a clean paper trail to back it up. Appropriate records, including your safety policies and regular safety audits, as well as comprehensive safety reports, may help you better manage a situation in which a temporary employee is injured.

Most importantly, don’t assume that your existing policies are sufficient to cover temporary workers.  Understanding your exposure allows you to plan to be on your toes, rather than on your heels.

Not sure if your contracted worker is a temporary employee? Check here.