Make Safety a Full-Time Habit

Good safety practices help protect you and your coworkers from injury or illness on the job. Because of that, we take safety very seriously here—and that means that you should consider working safely an important part of your job responsibilities.

  • Know the hazards of your job.
  • Always follow safety rules and procedures.
  • Use all personal protective equipment (PPE) that’s assigned to you—every time, all the time.
  • Pay attention to safety training and apply what you learn on the job.
  • Keep on the lookout for hazards and keep asking yourself what could go wrong while you work.
  • Eliminate or report any hazards you see right away.
  • Pay attention to warning signs and do what they tell you.
  • Be aware when you might be exposed to hazardous chemicals and take appropriate steps to protect yourself.
  • Read labels, warnings, safety data sheets (SDSs), and other safety information before you start a job.
  • Practice good housekeeping at all times.
  • Report any injury, illness, accident, or near-miss to your supervisor immediately.

And remember . . . When it comes to safety, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. If you’re not sure about a potential hazard or how to do your job safely, ask your supervisor. Don’t perform a task unless you know how to perform it safely!