MIOSHA Announces 5 Year Safety Plan

Michigan’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) announced a five-year strategic plan that emphasizes a double-digit reduction in injury and illness rates, and outreach activities through 2018. The statewide plan comes on the heels of the federal agency’s budget expansion and plans for stricter enforcement.

Mounting anecdotal evidence supports an uptick in MIOSHA inspections. But this five-year plan provides an overview of the agency’s priorities. 

MIOSHA’s plans focus on three goals, all of which center around reducing injury and illness rates statewide:

  1. Improve workplace safety and health for all workers, as evidenced by fewer hazards, reduced exposures, and fewer injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.
    • MIOSHA is focusing primarily on high-hazard industries that include manufacturing, transportation and health care to realize a 15 percent reduction in injury and illness over five years.
  2. Promote employer and worker awareness of, commitment to, and involvement with safety and health to effect positive change in the workplace culture.
    • That means that MIOSHA will be communicating more often to boost awareness and participation in its Training Institute and cooperative programs.
  3. Strengthen public confidence through continued excellence in the development of MIOSHA’s programs and services.
    • Translation: MIOSHA will be performing research and using new avenues to communicate with you – but it’s also going to be ensuring greater accountability around verifying hazard abatement, responding to complaints and fulfilling Freedom of Information Act requests.

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