Must-Haves for A Company Vehicle Policy That Keeps Your Employees (And Business) Safe

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month – and with good reason. Motor vehicle accidents top the list of workers’ compensation deaths on the job. The top cause of car accidents? Driver distraction.

There’s an incalculable cost to families, friends and coworkers when someone is lost or seriously injured by distracted driving. There also is an impact to your bottom line. Death claims are expensive and raise your MOD factor, which will increase your premiums for three years.

Here are five must-have components to an effective policy you might consider to help ensure the safety of your employees, and your bottom line.

An effective policy would include:

  • Do not authorize the use of wireless devices or cell phones while operating company vehicles. Require employees to pull the vehicle over to a safe location to use their cell phone or other wireless devices.
  • Clearly communicate the danger of reaching for items in the vehicle during operation, and provide a checklist of typical items they might reach for such as maps or directions, sunglasses, wallets or music CDs  as helpful reminders to put them within easy reach before driving.
  • Prohibit drowsy or sleep-deprived employees from getting behind the wheel of company vehicles.
  • Do not allow food or drinks in company vehicles
  • Do not allow unauthorized passengers in company vehicles.