Top 5 Ways to Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season

We at MADSIF wish you a warm and bright holiday, and a Happy New Year! But even during the holidays, we just wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t obsess a little over safety and risk prevention. So we’ve listed our Top Five Ways to Enjoy a Safe and Happy Holiday Season:

  1. Watch slippery surfaces: We know – it’s Michigan. We measure snow in feet in some parts of the state. One consequence? Icy patches and wet surfaces from melted snow or ice. Keep safe by ensuring you’ve removed ice and other slip-and-fall hazards from your shop and lot.
  2. Rethink what’s on your feet:  Slip and fall accidents rack up about $1.8 billion in workers compensation claims a year nationwide. Taking a few seconds each day to make sure your footwear matches the job at hand can save injury and dollars. A helpful hint? Everyone in the store and shop should be wearing shoes with slip-resistant soles and leather tops.
  3. Drive distraction-free: Car accidents top the list of workers’ compensation fatalities on the job, with distracted driving leading the pack for causes of accidents.  Top distractions for drivers include: cell phone usage, other passengers in the vehicle, drowsiness, food and beverage consumption, and loose items roaming in the vehicle. 
  4. Watch what you lift: From holiday decorations to firewood to big gift boxes – lifting a lot of weight improperly can lead to a thrown back, sore knees and even chronic pain. The best defense? Prevent injuries that might lead to long-term pain by knowing your limits, bending at the knees when you lift, or getting a partner to help with the “heavy lifting.”
  5. Spot and correct risky practices: Periodic safety inspections can help you identify and correct conditions before they lead to injury. Not only do regular inspections help you keep a safe workplace, but they also demonstrate your commitment to safety programs, something that will help boost employee buy-in as well.