Top Ladder Safety Tips

If you must use a ladder, use one that has a safety platform with handrail barricades on the sides (e.g., a platform stepladder).

Whenever you use a ladder or a stepladder, take note of the safety advice in this guide.

Stop Falls with these Top Ladder Safety Tips

Use the right ladder for the job. For example, ensure the ladder is high enough for you to reach your work area without having to stand on the top rung.

The right ladder


Secure the Ladder

When using ladders to access another level, secure and extend the ladder at least 3 feet above the landing point to provide a safe handhold.

 Secure the base of your ladderThe base of the ladder should be secured.

shoes and ladders

Wear proper footwear (e.g., non-slip flat shoes).

 Ladder Not On Stable GroundPlace the ladder on stable and level ground. DO NOT place it on an uneven surface.

Extended Ladder SafetyEnsure that the ladder is fully extended before starting work.

Ladders and barriers for safetyPrevent passersby from walking under or near ladders in use by using barriers (e.g., cones) or getting your coworker to act as a lookout.

Top rung of ladder safetyDo not work on the top rung of the ladder.

3 points of contact for ladder safetyMaintain three points of contact with the ladder at all times.

Keep hands freeDo not carry any tools or materials in your hands when climbing a ladder.

Keep your weight centered on a ladderDo not lean away from the ladder to carry out your task. Always keep your weight centered between the side rails.

Ladders and door safetyDo not use ladders near doorways. If you need to use a ladder near a doorway, make sure that the door is locked.

Check, Maintain and Store Ladders Well

Before using a ladder, check it carefully to ensure there are no visible defects and that it is in good working condition. Check the ladder according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Maintain and store the ladder according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do not use faulty ladders such as these:

Do not use a bent ladderDo not use the ladder if it is bent.

Missing step in the ladder

Do not use the ladder if it is missing a step.

Missing ladder locking device

Do not use the ladder if the spreader bars do not have a locking device or mechanism.