And we believe in paying it forward.

MADSIF leads the market in offering a dividend program that returns about one-third of your lifetime premium right back to you. Every year, MADSIF returns the funds remaining after paying claims and administrative costs back to our members in the form of annual dividends. We’ve made dividend payments for 34 consecutive years, totaling more than $152 million, or more than 35 percent of the total premium collected.

We’re able to do that because MADSIF has an insider’s perspective of the business, and uses that knowledge and proprietary tools to aggressively manage risk and overhead costs. That lowers premium costs for everyone and puts more of your hard earned money back where it belongs – in your pocket.

Dividend program highlights:

  • More than $152 million in dividends have been paid to members, with a total premium of more than $437 million collected since our inception.
  • Members have received annual dividends for 34 consecutive years.
  • Dividends average more than one-third of member premiums over the life of the MADSIF program.

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