Loss Prevention

One little number can cost you plenty. It’s your MOD factor — a number that measures probable risk and is a factor in determining your workers compensation insurance rate.

At MADSIF, we’ve assembled a complete suite of services to ensure that your MOD factor stays low, and your workplace stays safe. MADSIF’s risk management solutions team has more than 20 years’ experience in auto dealer risk management and our track record speaks for itself.

Dealerships enrolled in our loss control services averaged more than a 30 percent decrease in their MOD factor within three years.


MADSIF members receive:

  • Annual safety and MIOSHA-compliance inspections
  • Safety training assistance and safety training manual
  • Accident investigations
  • MIOSHA inspection follow-ups and compliance manuals
  • MIOSHA citation reviews and initial appeal assistance
  • A full library of safety videos and resources

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